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by admin on April 28, 2010

Located on Dundas Street West the Communal Mule is one of a few coffee shops that have popped up in this upcoming Torontonian neighborhood. Its close proximity to the Trinity-Bell woods Park makes it an ideal location for a coffee after a nice stroll in the park. It is also close to several restaurants so you could enjoy a nice espresso after your lunch. The atmosphere in the café is somewhat intriguing.

Vintage movie posters along with some weird looking lighting fixtures are part of the interior decor. There are plenty of art magazines to skim through while in the cafe a contribution of its artistic owner who gratefully plays some of his favourite tunes. It is worth mentioning that he was part of the DJ Duo group evidence of which can be found in the turntable set-up and steady tunes coming from his laptop in the corner.

Even though the café is not of a considerable size there are plenty of seats available. You can seat on one of the wooden table or just seat in the front of the store overlooking Dundas Street. This attribute is of great importance as I find it really soothing to have a coffee while reading a book and watching people walking around attending to their business. If you visit the café during the winter months, as I did, looking out the fogged windows might be difficult.

There are even a few chairs outside the cafe making up what seems to be a small but still effective patio. Now about the coffee. The Communal Mule offers the regular variety of espresso based coffees. However the espresso that they offer is amazing and I can vouch for that. Its rich taste and aroma could easily make the Communal Mule a favourite place. You can also purchase espresso coffee wholesale within the café in 5lb and 12oz packages.

The Communal Mule also offers an assortment of organic teas all of which are worth tasting. As you would expect the café also offers a small variety of baked goods such as cookies, muffins and scones all of which are very delicious. Overall the Communal Mule might not be the cheapest coffee shops in town but its superior coffee along with its artistic flare make a must visit destination. For more great Toronto coffee shops reviews browse our site.


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