Sublime Cafe-Toronto

by admin on January 22, 2010

Sublime cafe is located right in the heart of Kensington market on Augusta Street in down town Toronto. The coffee shop is a unique destination as it offers not only good coffee but also a variety of vinyl records for sale. You will find a relatively large collection of records under the Jazz, Soul and Rock genres. Hardwood floors, dark wooded decor and paintings make the cafe’s atmosphere serene. It is one of the few cafes in the city where you can enjoy your coffee while listening to Jazz music. A few tables near the entrance, 2 wooden tables in the midsection of the store right across the record collection and stools all around the bar make up the cafe’s seating arrangements. During the summer months the cafe also has a small patio comprising of a few tables in front of the store. The piano that is situated right next to the espresso bar completes the artistic character of the cafe.

Even though there is a sign on the cover of the piano that reads “do not open” I sincerely hope it is functional so it can be used in a live show. Sublime cafe offers the standard espresso based coffees along with a small variety of teas. It is worth mentioning that Sublime cafe offers only fair trade coffee thus supporting small coffee farmers while helping to protect the environment from harmful harvesting processes. You can also purchase their coffee in bulk within the store.

Don’t expect to find a big variety of treats though. The cafe only offers cookies, muffins and a variety of biscotti. During my visit to Sublime Cafe I enjoyed a latte, large size. The coffee was quite good however it was a bit pricey (at $4) when compared with the prices of other coffee shops in the same area. Overall Sublime Cafe is definitely forth visiting. Feel free to read about other Toronto coffee shops.


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