Quaff Cafe-Queen West Coffee Shop

by admin on November 4, 2010

Established on September 2009, Quaff is a noteworthy opponent of all the firmly recognized café’s in the strip. Quaff is an independently owned and operated cafe located just west of Bathurst Street on Queen. The cafe offers a variety of treats such as croissants, one-bite butter tarts which seem perfect to quench a small sugar craving, cookies pies and many more; some of which are baked on site and some of which are ordered in.

There is even ice cream for sale for those hot summer months. What impressed me about this cafe is that besides the regular sandwiches Quaff offers the impressive Borscht soup; a traditional Easter European soup made from tomato, cabbage, big chunks of carrots and some slow-cooked beef; definitely worth having! Other snacks offered at the cafe include small spinach and cheese pies which are amazing complements to any short of coffee beverage.

Quaff cafe offers an assortment of teas along with the regular espresso based coffees such as cappuccinos lattes and americanos. The espresso has a very distinct flavour, definitely worth having. Prices are a bit on the expensive side however as it cost me $4.8 for a large cappuccino. Now let’s talk about the ambiance of the store. All the counters and tables in the cafe are made from solid dark wood. There is even an old church pew in the back, which definitely makes for an astonishing seating arrangement.

There are several ceiling fans which not only add to the interior design of the cafe but also make for an effective and energy efficient way of keeping the establishment cool in the summer months. You will also find within the cafe some artwork on display that surely ads to the elegance of the interior.

An important attribute of this cafe is that there is free Wi-Fi access. During my visit I encountered a number of people enjoying their coffee while getting some work done on their laptops. The only down side of Quaff cafe is the lack of a formal patio. There are however some chairs in the front of the store where one could sit down and enjoy his beverage. A great experience overall definitely worth visiting.

668Queen Street West, Toronto, Ontario, M6J 1E5, 647,



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