Jet Fuel Coffee: A Cabbagetown Veteran

by Lauren Ching on March 19, 2011

A veteran on the CabbageTown block, Jet Fuel Coffee Shop has been around for the last 18 years, providing coffee drinkers with a delicious custom blend and excellent customer service that will turn anyone into an instant regular. Prices are some of the cheapest I’ve ever seen – and the sizes are generous enough to satisfy even the fervent caffeine addict’s appetite.

A vintage gelato counter hosts all barista activity, and red walls make a bright canvas for current local artwork that rotates every month. With Jet Fuel paraphernalia lining the back bar and scat music bumping easily out of the speakers, this cafe is no doubt a pioneer of that laid-back Queen West hipster feel (complete with the dark basement bathroom).

Keeping it simple - the menu of prices and sizes available

Beware: those looking for a variety of unique beverages, try else where. Jet Fuel keeps it simple, serving only the typical espresso based drinks – cappuccinos, lattes, macchiatos etc. With no guidance from a written menu, I had to ask the baristas what the cafe favourite is. The most popular drinks are their double espresso macchiatos and the “Jet Fuel” – a hot beverage made with half milk and half espresso. Summer favourites include the lemonade and iced coffee. I opted to try the soy macchiato and got a mouth full of foam and a bold kick of flavour.

Perfecting the drip ...

... makes for a great drink

In terms of sustenance, Jet Fuel also takes a very laid back approach, only providing basic cafe fare such as muffins, biscotti and danishes that are all made fresh daily by the staff. I actually had to make a second visit extra early the next day to come back to try them because by mid afternoon, everything was demolished.

The pumpkin chocolate muffin - decadence for breakfast.

No matter the beverage or pastry, the massive line that forms within the first 15 minutes of my arrival makes it clear that Jet Fuel’s custom blend brew guarantees repeat patrons. Head to Jet Fuel for a no-fuss, laid back spot perfect to go study, meet with friends, or just enjoy some damn good coffee.

Jet Fuel Coffee Shop, 519 Parliament, Toronto, ON , M4X 1P3 (416) 968-9982

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