Doria Cafe-Rosedale

by admin on January 17, 2010

Situated in the corner of Yonge and Roxborough, Doria cafe offers great coffee in an environment that could easily make you think you are in a cafe somewhere in Paris. When you walk into the store chances are you are going to be impressed by the interior of the cafe. A blue painted ceiling along with chalkboard written menus hanging from the walls, an impressive espresso maker accompanied by two glass displays of deserts and snacks give you the sense of an old fashioned cafe.

With only a handful of tables Doria cafe maintains a friendly, approachable and low key profile while offering an assortment of pizzas, Panini’s and a few selection’s of soup all made fresh for a nice lunch or early dinner. All these great food choices can be accompanied with a choice of wine from its adequately sized wine selection.
Of course Doria cafe offers a variety of deserts also. Cakes, éclair’s, croissants, and cookies just to name a few can be enjoyed after a light lunch or accompanied by a coffee. When describing the quality of the espresso in the cafe words like amazing, exquisite, and extraordinary would still not do justice to the flavour and aroma of one of the best espressos this city has to offer.

It is worth visiting Doria just for their coffee, but chances are after tasting it and experiencing its magnificence you might just want to order something extra. A positive attribute of the cafe is its nice little patio facing Roxborough Street which is usually quite busy during the summer months. A major convenience is the cafe’s distance to public transit.

The cafe is conveniently situated only a few minute walk from Rosedale subway station walking Northwards on Yonge Street. Doria cafe captures everything positive that ought to be found in a neighborhood cafe while putting to shame the competition which is across the street. Overall Doria cafe offers an exquisite coffee and lunch experience at reasonable prices.

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