Carousel Bakery: St. Lawrence Market

by Lauren Ching on January 18, 2011

Located upstairs in the St. Lawrence Market, Carousel Bakery is home to the world famous peameal bacon sandwich on a bun. For those of you who don’t know, peameal bacon (or ‘back bacon’) originates from Toronto, making it a true example of Torontonian culture. The meat is cut from lean pork loin, cured, and rolled in yellow cornmeal. (The original meal was made from peas, hence the name “peameal”.)

Currently owned by two brothers, Robert and Maurice, this takeaway has been around for 33 years, and subsequently has become a St. Lawrence Market tradition for many people. Its reputation as ‘world famous’ is certainly a big title to live up to, but Carousel Bakery does it with ease. With a fresh, just out of the oven bun, and succulent slices of peameal bacon, this sandwich has this pescatarian seriously reevaluating her dietary choices.

To eat this baby, Robert recommended the hot hot mustard, or an amazing sweet maple syrup horse radish mustard with a kick. I would recommend both. We sat on the benches across from the stand and drank coffee while we chatted. They have stuck with the same coffee company throughout their 33 years, and it is a special blend made specifically for Carousel. It has a strong, delightful flavour, with good body and a robust taste. They grind the beans on site and use a traditional Bund machine, and Robert firmly believes in quality and freshness being the number 1 priority. Their green tea is organic and goes for about $1.20/cup.

Not only does Carousel sell hot sandwiches such as chicken parmigiana ($6.20), veal parmigiana ($6.20) and chicken and eggplant, but an array of cold sandwiches that are freshly made throughout the day. Vegetarians have options such as an eggplant foccacia or a veggie tortilla wrap, as well as the traditional greek, garden and caesar salads. They also make their own delicious meat pies that give a hearty appetite something to think about. Other decadent treats that are made on site include the butter tarts ($1.10/each, $6.25/6). Throughout the week they carry up to 30 different types of breads and buns, ranging from traditional italian foccachia buns to organic kamut and spelt loaves.

Open up your appetite and come on down to Carousel Bakery, a St. Lawrence market tradition! You will not be disappointed!

Carousel Bakery, (416) 363-4247

93 Front Street East. Toronto, Ontario. M5E 1C3

Hours of operation: Market hours: Tue-Thu 8am-6pm; Fri 8am-7pm; Sat 5am-5pm


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