Cafe 260: Richmond Street East

by Lauren Ching on January 18, 2011

Located on Richmond Street, between George Street and Sherbourne, Cafe 260 is a cozy spot to have a quick bite, a casual meet and greet, or log online to shoot off a few emails. Seating about 20 people, it’s a popular lunch spot for George Brown students, as well as the film and art businesses located next door.

Cafe 260 prides itself on being the neighborhood coffee shop. Homey decor contributes to a warm atmosphere, with local art hanging on the walls, an antique coffee bureau and exposed brick walls. The staff is personable and knowledgeable, and has been with the business from its inception. The only downside to the layout of this location is the fact that because its so small, the people who sit close to the door in the winter time will certainly feel the cold wind every time someone enters and exits.

Their coffee, is 80% fair trade organic, with only the house and flavoured coffee being omitted from that category. They also have a custom blend espresso only found here. A cup of joe will run you about $1.50. If you want to take home some of their organic, fair trade coffee, the selection ranges from light roast to dark, and is fairly priced at approximately $4 for a 1/4lb. Not to be forgotten, tea drinkers should also make an effort to visit Cafe 260 because they carry 30 types of loose leaf tea, and about 15 kinds of bagged tea ($1.90/cup). They also carry the not-so-readily available Red Espresso, a delicious and caffeine-free beverage made from rooibis tea leaves, which can be made into a latte, cappuccino, macchiato, americano and much more. Bob, the extremely welcoming, and hospitable owner, insisted that I try a Red Espresso cappuccino, a real treat for a tea drinking health nut like me. Paired with a mint chocolate round and dusted with cinnamon, it was everything I thought it would be and more.

Cafe 260 offers a wide array of sandwiches and wraps (approx. $5), fresh soups, and a multitude of sweet treats. Cookies, muffins, scones, butter tarts and brownies are just a few of the locally made delights, freshly delivered every morning for a great treat to go. Vegetarians and vegans can also rest assured that they will have choice when looking for a bite to eat.

Overall, Cafe 260 is a great place to go for good service, yummy eats, and a great selection of hot beverages.

Cafe 260, 260 Richmond St East, M5A 1P4, (416) 368-9222

Open Mon – Fri: 6am – 7pm, Saturdays: 8am- 4pm, and closed on Sundays.


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