B Espresso: Dundas East

by Lauren Ching on November 1, 2011

B Espresso’s second location at Dundas and Bond Street is tucked away in the Bond Place Hotel, with a cozy lobby and plenty seating to cater to hotel patrons as well as neighbourhood regulars. This location is popular with student and tour groups that stay with at the hotel, so the cafe fills at sporadic times, and the crowd is always changing.

Customers have an option of sitting at high top tables or regular dining tables. Even though the furniture is minimalistic, there is a cozy feel to this coffee shop since this location is not right at street entrance. The only downfall to this location is that they are in the process of getting wifi, so customers looking for the internet will have to look elsewhere. Since owner Bruno Colozza want to provide a proper glimpse into traditional Italian life, he is also looking into acquiring a liquor license for this location to serve traditional Italian aperitifs prior to the guests’ meal.

If you stay at the hotel, you can get different levels of food vouchers to use at B Espresso; the breakfast piadina is hugely popular, which has egg fritata with fresh herbs, bocaccini cheese and spinach inside flatbread. This location is also the house of their catering company, Assiaggo, which means “to taste” in Italian. All sandwiches, salads and soups served at all 3 locations are made in this kitchen. The brew and baked goods are also consistent with the other two locations.

Yummy homemade butter tarts

Pass by the Bond Street location to pick up some of the fresh and traditional coffee and treats consistent with the B Espresso name.

T 416.941.0000
F 416.941.0002

Assiaggo Catering: http://assaggiocatering.com/

Hours of Operation
Monday-Friday 8:00am-8:00pm
Saturday 8:00am-6:00pm
Sunday 11:00am-6:00pm


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