B Espresso Bar: Bloor Street

by Lauren Ching on March 28, 2011

B Espresso Bar in the Royal Conservatory Museum is the perfect java fix frequented by conservatory fans and students and faculty of the University of Toronto. Tucked away inside the conservatory’s atrium, this location is a bright, beautiful blend of old architecture and new coffee couture and is perfect to sit and write papers, hold a brainstorming session, or just to enjoy a simple, tasty lunch.

With the boom of espresso bars opening up in Toronto in the last 2 years, owner Bruno Colozza keeps up by keeping it real – and traditional. His focus is first and foremost the taste and quality of the espresso blend served at each B Espresso location. (there are 3 total). His passion for quality coffee and traditional Italian practices is apparent; he openly shared his extensive knowledge of the Italian craft of blending espresso, and all the procedures that his baristas follow in order to keep up to the european standard of coffee. Their coffee is 100% Arabica, with a complex flavour profile of Brazilian, Columbian, Ethiopian, Guatamalean and Costa Rican. Bruno worked closely with John Ruffino – a master roaster from italy – to establish the smooth blend that is exclusive to B Espresso bars.

I tasted the cappuccino, which was delish – strong body with just the right amount of foam and no need for sugar to cut any bitterness. Each espresso shot is ground and pulled at the moment of order to ensure freshness and the highest quality of espresso. This location carries the state of the art Bund equipment, with a grinder which is an on-demand machine. Bruno also ensures that each barista is trained extensively before being put behind the machines to cover every aspect of providing a quality coffee experience.

For food, they carry an array of sandwiches, with traditional italian fillings like grilled egg plant with boccacini cheese and a beautiful spicy sopressata, roasted red peppers, black olive pesto and provolone. (approx $7)

Spicy sopressa piadina

These signature sandwiches are served on a piadina – italian flatbread originally from the Romagna region of Italy – which is perfect for simple sandwiches because its soft, tasty, not too filling, and does not take away from the contents of the sandwich.

Other freshly made sandwiches made by Assiaggo

Assaggio is Bruno’s catering company; so they make the soups, salads and sandwiches – fast and fresh by the staff. For treats, they connect with a quality bakery that provides them with the baked goods like a gluten-free, wheat free, chocolate crinkle cookie.

Chocolate crinkle cookie

They are in the process of getting WIFI, which is the only downfall to this location. Next time you’re in the mood for music and something great coffee, visit B Espresso in the Royal Conservatory Museum.

B Espresso. Atrium–The Royal Conservatory of Music, 273 Bloor Street West, (416) 506 0001

Assiaggo catering: http://assaggiocatering.com/

Hours of Operation

Monday-Friday 8:00am-8:00pm
Saturday 8:00am-6:00pm
Sunday 11:00am-6:00pm
Note: (Open till 9:00pm on concert event nights)


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